Variety of propane vehicles

Let's hear all the gory details about your car and how it became alternative fuelled.
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Variety of propane vehicles

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This is a follow-up to the information just posted in the "your self" category.

Over the years I have converted almost every vehicle I have ever owned to operate on propane, as well as all the pickups and trucks in our fleet. (including tandem axle diesels with a propane boost system).

My first propane vehicle was a 1969 Cougar, converted in 1971 utilizing Impco straight propane mixer and Manchester tank. My oldest propane vehicle was a 1966 Mustang 2 + 2 that I purchased in 1985, did a full restoration and converted using 425 mixer and custom Sleegers tank in place of the gas tank. I entered it in trade shows to showcase what could be converted.

Over the years I had propane powered 1993 and 2000 Pontiac Bonneville SSEi's c/w supercharged 3.8L engines. A 1994 GM pickup with Impco and Paxton supercharger. Our company purchased the first 2 (and only) 1999 factory Ford pickups with GFI system. That system turned out to be a disaster and was removed and ECO edi put on one and PRINS on the other. Both are still working well.

I have also converted 2 boats to propane. First my 1994 Chaparral with 4.3L V-6 with Impco and now I have a 2002 Malibu with 350 Magnum and PRINS dual fuel fuel injection. I used removeable 43# aluminum fork lift tanks in both. My home stand-by generator is tri-fuel (gasoline, NG and LPG).

I also managed to purchase a Bi-Phase liquid injection system and first put it on a 2002 GM with 6L engine. In 2005 I transferred the system to a 2005 GM Denali pickup with 345 hp 6L. Altho the system worked reasonably well on both vehicles, I found that in cold weather the '05 especially seemed like it was overfuelling at idle. I became acquainted with a top GM tech (jpgmtech) who remapped the OEM computer and the '05 now works great. He has reported on it in this forum.

I currently am driving a 2007 GM Denali pickup with the 403 hp 6.2L engine. I have it equipped with the ECO edi system. It has run great with the exception of occasional "service engine lights and driver messages", but ECO recently resolved that and does it perform! Probably even more hp on propane than gasoline.

What's next on my agenda? I just purchased a 2007 Escalade which I intend to convert. As well, I might have jpgmtech remap the timing curve on my pickup to get even more performance.

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Re: Variety of propane vehicles

Post by Frank »

Ron sent me an email over the summer (June 12) with photos of his 2007 Escalade. I didn't upload these photos at the time because I was planning to wait until I upgraded the forum. Now that I've been clearing out my backlog of emails, please find Ron's photos below for your viewing pleasure.
regraham wrote:My 2007 Escalade is running great with the BRC propane fuel injection. So far no service engine lites or "messages". It sure is a lot more economical to operate. Premium fuel is about $1.50/lt now and I get my propane at a "staff rate", which I fill myself as I have a cardlock card.
2007 Escalade Engine Compartment
2007 Escalade Engine Compartment
2007 Escalade Engine Compartment
2007 Escalade Engine Compartment

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