Seal Pro Pistons opinions please

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Seal Pro Pistons opinions please

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I was supplied Seal pro as ACL Aussie pistons where not available at the time.
and was assured they where good pistons
The fine print on the label in the box says "made in Mexico"
After stripping the engine we found #5 dia from just below the ring and bottom of the skirt was 24/1000 !!!
This related to the position of the knock with a stethoscope.
All the other pistons also have a similar thu smaller diff in dia.
The knock started shortly after 1st fire while still doing initial cam bedding in.
Such collapse as far as I can gather is caused by poor alloy or casting as the piston heats up and or the diff in diameters where there before machining and fitting/final hone of the cylinders, the latter was checked before assembly
Im having problems with the supplier in NZ here
Has anyone had problems with these pistons?

Further background is covered in a LONG thread here this is the last page of 3 ... 821&page=3

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