Ford 302EFI Windsor - Specs for NGC

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Ford 302EFI Windsor - Specs for NGC

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Hi there,
I'm a newbie so please go gentle on me. I live in Colombia (the country) and bought a Ford Bronco 2,5 years ago. It had 240.000km on it and the engine and transmission have been overhauled and should be as good as new. The moment the dyno showed me 210Hp and 480Nm torque, I went to get the natural gas conversion it had to be completely re-checked. They made a misstake and the timing for gas was still "on" when the switch was turned to fuel only. I found this out after spending a lot of money on the engine. Now that I know I am having them check everything again and make sure the car is correct.

My question:
I have a WOLF "N" timing advance processor on a 1992 V8 302 EFI 5.0.
What should be the position of the switches and what would this result into?

After the problems I've had I would like to double check if they do things the correct way.

Kind regards,


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Re: Ford 302EFI Windsor - Specs for NGC

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The settings for the AEB Wolf-N timing advance processor may be found in the installation manual, which can be found on this page:

AEB Wolf-N Timing Advance Processor

The obvious switch positions for an 8-cylinder engine are:
  • 1 - ON
  • 2 - ON
As for the amount of advance (switches 3 & 4), this is something that you would have to determine with driving. I would try the various amounts of advance, starting with the lowest amount (6°) and measure your fuel economy for each. Keep the setting that gives the best fuel economy.

As for timing insertion, I would first try switches 5 & 6 both turned OFF (advance always inserted). If your Bronco is hard to start, I would then turn switch 5 to OFF.

As for your timing advance always being on, this is because the processor was wired incorrectly. It should only provide additional advance when the gas valve is energized.

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