Propane Vehicle Collision Testing

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Propane Vehicle Collision Testing

Post by Frank » Thu Jun 15, 2006 11:42 am

I have been trying to find documentation of the testing described in Jay Storer's book Propane Fuel Conversions (ISBN 0-931472-1) on page 25:
Jay Storer wrote:Propane equipment safety was the subject of a thorough study in Holland by the Research Institute for Road Vehicles (TNO). The institute installed propane systems on a Renault 12, a Peugeot 504, a VW Passat, and a Fiat 128 and conducted a series of head-on and rear-end collisions with a 400-ton concrete crash barrier. In every crash, the propane systems came through without causing any fire hazards; and most crashes did not even cause any minor leaks in the systems. The Renault 12 hit the barrier head-on at 36 mph and was hit from the rear at 30 mph; the Peugeot 504 was hit head-on and from the rear-end at 30 mph; the VW Passat hit head-on at 36 mph and was rear-ended at 30 mph -- all without any notable damage to the propane systems!

In 1978, the institute performed an additional series of tests, and the results again showed the rugged capability and safety of the propane components. In these tests, the vehicles included an Opel, a Ford Taunus, a Volvo, and some Leyland/Verheul passenger buses. The Volvo was involved in an incredible test in which it was struck consecutively, front and rear, by two speed railroad trains. The propane tank was the only component of the car to survive the crashes intact. In another test, a propane tank was bolted to a concrete barrier and a wedge-shaped steel prow was rammed directly into the tank at 12 mph. The tank survived without any evidence of leakage. The same test at 19 mph almost flattened the propane tank; and although there was some subsequent leakage from the filling valve, the tank survived intact. When a Ford Taunus was driven into a barrier-mounted tank at 24 mph, there were no leaks and only minor deformation of the tank.
Does anyone have any more information about these tests or other similar tests?

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crash tests

Post by C3H8 » Sat Jun 17, 2006 3:24 pm

Frank. The Canadian government also ran some tests. They did both a crash test and a fire test. I'll check with some of my old cronies and see if anyone kept a copy.

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Post by MLGPropane » Wed Jul 05, 2006 1:37 pm

There also was some mention of this topic at the last WPGA convention in May. I have been looking for the support documentation from that seminar as well... Have not found it as of yet...

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