Small engine - using a modified carb as a mixer only?

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Small engine - using a modified carb as a mixer only?

Post by evranch » Sat Feb 09, 2019 1:20 pm

I have a few of these carburetors in operation on Honda and knockoff Honda motors. I'm still not sure how they make any money at this price. They work very well on generators and water pumps.

The output of the single stage regulator is just stubbed through into the venturi. There are no adjustments except an orifice selection for LP/NG (the red valve), but they never seem to need any adjustments, and run great from idle to WOT.

I've always wanted to put them on some other small engines, because they are so incredibly cheap and easy to install. But the bolt patterns/throttle linkages etc. obviously don't line up, and it would be a lot of work to make them fit.

I was just thinking - what if you were to delete the throttle plate or lock it wide open, attach a couple of pipes for air horns and mount it upstream of the existing carburetor? Could it then just operate as a mixer, like the ring type seen in other conversion kits?

I wonder how well it would idle, but there is no propane idle jet - just the brass stub sticking straight into the venturi. The water pumps can be idled back until they are barely popping. These are incredibly simple carbs.

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