the bigger the better IMPCO

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the bigger the better IMPCO

Post by jono » Thu Sep 13, 2018 10:07 pm

defying what I learnt over the years, read in Impco training manuals, sizing charts etc, seeing same in practice by others to back up learning - I installed a 200 CA and L on my 1800cc ( what's that , 110.5 cubic inches? ) that revs out to 6500 pretty willingly.

This time, I got a great running combination and best fuel economy of 10 litres per 100km ( has to be OK for 30 year old design ! )
The balance tube is not in use - caused so many troubles last time (when EGR was also troublesome too mind you)
I am running a new generic air valve AV1-2-2 from memory, instead of the rich as 12-6-2 that was in it for a week, came with mixer

Very happy

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