air valve flow ratings hand printed

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air valve flow ratings hand printed

Post by jono » Mon Sep 03, 2018 5:40 am

Is there a good reference to understand the mixer air valve hand printed flow ratings?

On my collection of 200 series I have what looks like 90 to 94 on feedback FB ( not facebook !!) air valves, yet to see or be able to read values on clean air diaphragms to be able to recall a figure.

Today I opened up a new but hoarded 200M-2 to find no 16 or 45 on the cone (expected this) and a AV1-12-6-2 with a flippin' 105 on it
some of us know the last -2 is silicone material and the -6 is simply RICH
I figure RICH is RICH
Richer than a feedback AV1- 1234? with 94 or 95 on it

Is the only thing that makes a FB or CA mixer its own the diaphragm in its basic design ? I sort of thought so, but willing to be corrected

A mate once pointed to CA in the casting and said look clean air ...but never seen one with FB for feedback in the casting - the labels yes, by decoding part numbers only - I think

This 105 was causing all sorts of rich grief on O2 readers and propane computer and end results

The AV1-12-2 I had hoarded has made one big difference, so long as the balance tube is not connected

this is all on a NA 1800cc (110 ci) boxer (flat4) L converter in prep for the turbo variant and emissions compliance

Gosh a sealed balance tube can create lean dramas. Currently playing with 1.5mm bleed on balance tube. Going to either add another or enlarge the 1.5

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