'High performance' injectors?

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'High performance' injectors?

Post by BigBlockMopar » Fri Mar 02, 2012 5:09 pm

I'm trying to find out what the most HP-producing vapour injector is these days?
Valtek? Prins?
I've got experience with Impco system on my daily, but this injection-stuff is new territory for me.

I've learned Prins has various colorcoded injectors. But are there injectors out there that can deliver more vapour per shot?

I'm putting together a Roots supercharged 500ci motor and I'm looking into the possibilty to go with EFI with a Megasquirt controller. Street-use only.
But due to the motor's size (close to 500ci), I'll probably have to install 2 of everything... convertors & injectors. Perhaps even 3 if I would like to reach the motor's full (800hp) potential, but I'm sure 'financially' this would not be interesting.
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