What mixer to use with supercharer

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What mixer to use with supercharer

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Is a dual impco 300 good enough to use on a 6/71 or should I use a dual OHG setup?
400cui engine with jus around 6 psi, for fun

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Re: What mixer to use with supercharer

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I would think the 300's would be preferred. The 450's will give you over 1000 CFM. Also repair parts are harder to get for the OHG's. At 6 PSI you will likely max out at about 650 CFM depending on the rpm capability of the 400.

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Re: What mixer to use with supercharer

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You don't give us any real information about the 400 except it will see about 6psi and it is just for fun.
Take a look at the formula in my signature and be honest when calculating it with RPM limit, then times the outcome by 0.5 and that will give you more than what your engine, by your input, needs. Then choose the mixer to suit.
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