Need automotive LPG troubleshooting help?

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Re: Need automotive LPG troubleshooting help?

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I'm also interested in the book. Looks like this thread is 6 years old. Keep me posted! Thanks

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Re: Need automotive LPG troubleshooting help?

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The forum moderator asked me to toss in a quick update.

I retired from my full time job back in 2012 and have been busy doing typical retirement projects and dealing other family issues. I still have considerable interest in the industry but have not paid much attention to this board which is totally my fault. There have been several very competent board members that have thankfully carried the load!

I invested a 45 year career in the automotive related industry, ranging from basic automotive service, advanced diagnostics, teaching full time, managing a garage and later a vehicle conversion center where we converted vehicles to natural gas and propane. My retirement was from an 18 year position with a governmental agency where I was responsible for developing training curriculum for the LPG industry which included stationary use, mobile use, and motorfuel use. Somewhere in the middle, I was a trainer for Impco and spent a great deal of time working on OHG products. At some point in my career, I played with large industrial engines too, up to 14L Cummins on both natural gas and propane. I actually got paid to run engines on a dynamometer and even burned up a few, some on purpose while others were a casualty of research.

High points in my career was being associated with legends of the industry, namely Dick Baverstock, Herb Hill, Don Bass, Ak Miller, and many others.

I still have the book for sale and will or should have it for sale through this site as well. In the meantime, let me know through a PM if you are interested. The book fee is $16.95 through Paypal. The contents include tuning, engine building, examples of carburetion systems, some case studies and so on. I have not updated the book since the mid 2000's although at one time I had a version two in the works. I licensed the book to the US Propane Council which they published but have since withdrawn. I still have the paper copy which I may release, depending on the interest.

Franz Hofmann

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Re: Need automotive LPG troubleshooting help?

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Hi Franz I,m interested in purchasing your book if it is still available. Knowledge is great it seems like you have a lot of experience that is excellent that you can share . Myself I have been mostly in the performance industry but my preference is decent power that last for many kilometers. please let me know how to purchase this book. thanks Lou.

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