2 300a mixers on 1 modelE evaporator

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2 300a mixers on 1 modelE evaporator

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hi folks, i'm new here.
i'm from the netherlands, and running LPG for 40 years now.
i'm starting this new project, 2 impco 300a mixers on 1 modelE evaporator, on a stock Ford 390 FE, with a edelbrock f262 dual quad intake.
i use only one tank and 1 fuelline from the tank to the evaporator.
i am wondering if the model E is capable of feeding this setup, what do you guys think?

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Re: 2 300a mixers on 1 modelE evaporator

Post by C3H8 »

It's not a matter of feeding the setup. It tied to the demands of the engine. A stock 390 has various HP designs depending on what it was used in. Examples, it was used in large Ford trucks with cams designed for good torque at 2500 to 3500 RPM. In cars like the Ford LTD it was set up for good cruising or in the Cyclone for high HP and higher RPM capability. In most cases the stock HP ranged from 300 HP with a 4 barrel carb at 4600 RPM to 401 HP with a dual 4 barrel carb setup at 6000 RPM. I would expect the 401 HP had additional modifications. In most cases just slapping on dual four barrels is not going to increase HP. since you didn't offer the version of 390 you have or don't know this is the only information I can suggest at this time. A single E will handle the 300 HP version, however, it is not large enough for the 401 HP version. Keep in mind it is easy to over carburate a propane engine. Since the mixers rely on proper airflow to provide the correct air fuel ratio too large of a mixer setup can cause sluggish performance in the bottom end.

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