Dualcurve repair?

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Dualcurve repair?

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I have a 2001 dodge dakota with propane conversion dual fuel set up. Well, the dualcurve electronics are failing one at a time first was the water temp, I bypassed that just by fooling the ecu. Now a new one has come up. The processor shorting the map sensor to where(code P0108 high voltage) the engine does not run on gasoline or propane. I might be able to bypass it with a map enhancer you can dial in what is needed. I bypassed the processor completely and can run on gasoline. Can the dualcurve processor be repaired?

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Re: Dualcurve repair?

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It depends on the construction. At one time the dualcurve box electronics were encased in a molded compound that made accessing the electronics impossible. Later they stopped doing this. The main issue is the reason for the failure. Did the tracer on a circuit board fail? That could be easily repaired or did one of the components on the board fail? Unfortunately I don't think there is anyone around that is knowledgeable on the inner working of the units anymore. Also the cost of someone repairing it might be prohibitive. I have all the instructions for the boxes. Which model of dualcurve are you using. It will be a number between 5930 to 5936. I can pm you the instructions if that would help. Also, depending on the model a replacement unit might be found in the used market depending on which country your in.

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