1984 Mercedes Benz W123.920.

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1984 Mercedes Benz W123.920.

Post by ssalonga » Tue May 22, 2007 2:51 am

I was so impressed by the economy and performance of my little Pride/Fiesta LPG that I have gone and purchased a 1984 Mercedes Benz 200 (W123) (140k km). I plan to do a dedicated installation that will hopefully resolve many of the niggling compromises that plague my Pride/Fiesta's bi-fuel application.


After visiting the two local conversion vendors in Manila (Macro installs Tartarini and BRC, while Naiads installs a korean brand). I was turned away in both instances as they had no experience at all installing their kits in an old Mercedes Benz. With no other options available, I am determined to proceed to do this myself. I will need an experienced Mercedes Benz mechanic, as well as an experienced gas pipe fitter. No problem, as both are in abundant supply around Manila.

I have proceeded to consult the 2007 IMPCO catalogue and resolved to order the front-end components directly from www.propanegear.com in New Jersey, USA. They couldn't process international orders so I had to call on my brother-in-law in New York to help out. The following are on order:

CA 125-10 Standard Carburator
Model “L” Regulator/Vaporizer
VFF-30 Vapor Lock
ADP -- Adaptive Digital Processor (with O2 sensor)

The back-end of the installation will be supplied by a local propane tank manufacturer (FMC) who is currently supplying the two local conversion shops. All the piping and couplings are available from industrial hardware suppliers downtown.

As my son and I await the front-end components, we are working on removing the original petrol tank, and figuring out how to install a standard 60L tank in its place. We are also stripping all the petrol supply fittings, carb, fuel lines, fuel pump and ancillary vacuum lines and wiring. I am currently designing the front-end layout including the wiring and vacuum lines for the ADP and converter.

I plan to consult a local machine shop about bumping up the CR to at least 11:1 and hope to get that done while we layout the front end. I also need to recondition the steering gearbox while this is all going on! I've run out of summer vacation so the work will probably slow down a bit in the next few weeks as my daughters head back for their last year in college.

Since this is all still at the planning stage, it would be a great time to hear from everyone and anyone who has been through this way before. Actually, this is all new stuff for us out here, and it seems I am one of the unlikely pathfinders! Any guidance therefore from the esteemed company on this board would be gratefully appreciated!


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