'71 Slant Six Dodge Pick-Up

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'71 Slant Six Dodge Pick-Up

Post by Daddiojoe » Thu Feb 01, 2007 10:01 am

My goal is to convert my D100 to propane sometime before summer. Currently it has a 2-bbl 225 c.i.d. slant six with 2.25" exhaust in front of a 727 automatic transmission and 3:23 rear.

I'm about to go to Dutra Dual exhaust and will eventually shave the head .050 to raise the compression ratio. I have a spare head that I plan to someday port, and raise the compression ratio with as well.

The ubiquitous '63 Rambler article has been my model so far. After calculations, etc. I'm thinking I need:

Impco VFF 30 filter/shut-off valve

Impco Model L convertor/regulator

Impco 125 mixer

I'd like to use the throttle body from my Carter BBD and make an adaptor.

I've got a tank that has been approved and stickered. It's one of those two-cylinder tanks designed for the front of a pick-up bed.

I'll also be needing a fuel gauge.

Any help on getting parts would be appreciated. Also comments on propane and slant sixes.



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Post by C3H8 » Fri Feb 23, 2007 1:19 am

Adaptors for the slant six are available without having to machine your own. Proquip our of Canada can help at 403-692-9388 or check one of the local conversion centers in your area that sell IMPCO equipment. This was a very common adaptor at one time. Difficult to remember but I think your looking for an AA3-53. I need to check the old books. Also check with Franz in the Propane forum section. He's in your area and can probably find one of these.

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