high horsepower 454

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high horsepower 454

Post by mscles » Thu Nov 30, 2006 5:35 pm

1987 Chevy one ton 4x4
Was thinking about purchasing a new diesel- simple add-ons can achieve 500+ horsepower and 800+ lb/ft. of torque and get 18-20 mpg
THEN, I read a little article about throwing a blower on a 496ci chevy and saw that 17% underdriven, this thing was making 730 horse 6100 rpm and 760 lb/ft of torque at 4100 rpm. More potential with pulley changes.
A rebuild and a blower would be a lot less $$$$. Even if I can't compare to 20 mpg, at least propane is sold for less than half of what diesel fuel costs. AND I can drive in the fast lane here in Phoenix.
I have run a 454 on propane before 12.2 CR single 425 impco and Model E vaporizer. Ran ok but would not wrap up under load (suspect under carburetion) The guy whom I learned from runs a big Ford with a tunnel ram and twin 425's. It runs great.
Questions -
Will two OHG, (MM, Woodward )carbs flow enough to handle a strocked big block with a 8-71 blower or even 6-71? this seems like the least expensive road to pursue. Can two technocarb setups be combined?

I would consider a gaseous injection system but it seems that it seems that it will not support the power level?

I have read a lot about automotive turbocharging as well. Would that be easier? I was thinking a technocarb blow thru setup. do their electronics support above ambient pressure?

Would one blow thru carb be able to handle the fuel delivery adequately?

I normally tow a boat with this truck Approx- 5k lbs and the truck weighs 5.5k lbs. I have 37" tires and 4.10 gears. I would like to be able to rap this thing to approx. 5k rpm
Any good ideas? :wink:

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