liqued propane powerd 392 hemi with 6-71 supercharger

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liqued propane powerd 392 hemi with 6-71 supercharger

Post by imperial » Mon Sep 04, 2006 3:17 am

liquid propane powered 392 hemi with 6-71 supercharger
That's what I'm trying to build.
I'm planning to use the megasquirt efi controller.
and the vialle LPI controller .
At modern engines the standard engine ECU provide the signal to the vialle ECU.
As I hope to make some real power out of this engine I will need 2 LPI injectors per cylinder.
The vialle ECU Will not hold this load.
But on the first generation LPI ECU's used on the 5 cylinder Volvo engine's
The used a kind of fly-back board to handle the load of the 5 injectors.
I think I could use 4 of this fly-backboard each with 4 injectors.

Any viale expert here that can confirm that this would be possible??
Also the only thing that I still have to order are the pistons.
I'm planning to overdrive the SC about 7 %
This would give me a boost in the 12 to 14 PSI range.
Car will start on petrol but than there is 0 boost.
It seems that I can use 8.5 to 1 pistons , am I right with that???

Engine gets all the good parts 4 bold mains , aftermarket rods , dry sump oil system,ARP studs .

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Post by J20 » Sun Dec 10, 2006 11:22 pm

dude i need to see some pics of this...............
eat sleep jeep

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