95 Tahoe 5.7 propane

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95 Tahoe 5.7 propane

Post by canaminal » Tue Oct 30, 2012 12:58 pm

Plan is to pull gas tank, bolt in bottle and use a ohg450 X1 and 5 BTC. Looking a building a flat top 5.3 vortec w after market intake for CR and hardened seats

Big concerns are the ECM knock test and egr reports, I havent found an old autotronics box yet!

Is the ADP enhancer -GM similar to an autotronics 8789-6m or 5920 that will fool the ECM and make it happy
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Re: 95 Tahoe 5.7 propane

Post by C3H8 » Fri Nov 02, 2012 1:20 pm

ADPstands for Adaptive digital processor. The adp handles fuel mixtures only as far as I am aware.

The 8789-6m handles code corrections only not fuel mixtures. It prevents a knock sensor code (43), egr code (32) and fuel mixture code (44/45). The fuel mixture code is prevented by a false signal sent to the computer by the 6M. The 6M is used on TBI engines. The 5020 was used on the first generation 5.7 ported engines.

Newer versions include the 5924 and 5928. The 59 series do all the 6m functions plus control fuel mixtures. You can compare all the features of each of the 59's bu going to www.dualcurve.com which will then direct you to a page with all the autotronic devices instructions for downloading. Autotronics was good enough to place this information onlime before they discontinued making there products.

In the future you will get a faster and more response if you place a question like this in the propane forum area,

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