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Post by lugnuts » Thu Jun 05, 2008 7:15 am

I'm 45,live in Odessa Texas. I build mutliple stage split case centrifugal pumps,and am a machinist also. Had a wrench in my hand since I was old enough to follow my Dad around the shop. My hot rod is an '84 Dodge PU with a 440 in it. It's insatiable thirst for super unleaded is why I'm looking to build a new propane specific engine. Will enjoy drawing on the knowledge of all here.

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Post by Steptoe » Thu Jun 05, 2008 4:02 pm

"My hot rod is an '84 Dodge PU with a 440 in it. It's insatiable thirst for super unleaded
Ifit i a cruiser...drop all the ego, bragging rights, of big carbs, cams etc that are real inefficient in the power range it is used at, and build a purpose built high power engine in the power range it is used at.
Think of it like this..
A factory engine is a compromise for performce and shopping basket to cover a wide market base for more sales.
Decide where in that rpm range u use it the build just for that range...and u will be very suprised at the performace u get.
Plus when u show off, lights up...and are asked "what is in there?"
Then tell them every thing from small carb to very low duration cam, no headers...what there eyes in utter disbelf!!! plus the awesome economy.
A real stump puller from the bottom end.
Sure it will not be as fast on a 1/4 mile, but across a street interesection to the next, it will be a real neck jerker
Then take this concept, and apply/design to your fuel type.

"440 ... super unleaded" chances are u already have hi compression, hi lift valves....the basics for a good 105 plus octane (LPG) engine, changing cam, carburation, etc as above.....
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