Good Day! From Manila

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Good Day! From Manila

Post by ssalonga » Mon May 07, 2007 10:07 am

Hi! I am Steve Salonga, 59, a practicing lawyer in Pasig City, Metro Manila, Philippines. My practice is in corporate and intellectual property law, as well as appellate litigation over the last 20 odd years.

Living in the only American colony in Asia, I grew up with american cars, the beach boys and small-block Chevys. I actually installed a 283 into a 1964 Mercedes 220 SE sedan in my university days! Though I am a much more practical person these days!

4 years ago, our legislature began discussing a new Bio Fuel Bill and investors rushed in to get into the ground floor of the renewable fuel industry. I renewed my interest in alternative fuels, I tinkered with solar panels and windmills for a bit in 1972, and more recently was involved in local Coco-Diesel esterification technologies being developed by local inventors.
Presently, I believe that on the short-term, LPG fuel presents itself the most efficient solution to escalating greenhouse gases from automobiles, the most closely regulated of all petroleum consumers. Specially attractive for countries that own natural gas fields, like the UK, Australia, Canada, and recently the Philippines. I also believe the long term solution is for each region to take renewable fuel options that are closest to home and can meet their real needs immediately. This kind of democratization of course is poison to global enterprises that are constantly seeking profitablity through ubiquity. Enough.

I am actually in search of a proper carburetor, regulator and ADP for my 84 Mercedes 200 sedan. This is the type W123 chassis with the M102 1997 cc petrol engine. Conversion shops were established locally only last year, anticipating passage of our new Bio Fuel Act that provides regulation of the trade. Thus far only a korean outfit using Korean standard hardware and a local outfit using Italian standard kits are on offer.

I had the Korean kit installed in a second hand 99 KIA Pride GTX (Ford Festiva?) I purchased as an experiment. It has not failed to deliver all I expected of it, except for mileage, a mathematical problem I still dont understand. BTW, the Pride is open loop, and I am looking for an economical digital solution.

Thus, the Mercedes project which I intend to finish this summer! I have read through the forum and am encouraged to proceed with my DIY project, initially encouraged by Tom Jennings experience. Its lonely talking LPG out here, my friends don't even know that most of their taxicabs are now on autogas!
so, thanks for the company! I shall now proceed to lurk until I find the place to ask my questions.

Steve in Manila

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