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Post by SpinningMarkVIII » Thu Oct 26, 2006 11:40 pm

Hi everyone. I have posted about my project but I figured I would introduce myself. My name is Kyle, I am 17 and completely self taught. I live with just my mom and dont really have any friends that know anything about cars other than that they're cool. I started reading around, ended up wrecking my mercury Sable, and the insurence paid out enough where my mom wasn't made and I could get a car of almost equal to what she paid for that.

I found my 1998 Liincoln Mark 8, which when I went to the drag strip, wen't very, very slow. 15.6 @ 93. Well in the forums I found a blower and other parts as well as a wealth of information (they referred me here) and I ended up with what i have today basically from reading that for countless hours. I probably have made over 20,000 posts (easily) on car related forums. And, well reading that much you learn a thing or two and I eventually I got to where I am today. I bought all my own tools, paid for part of my car, and paid for all of my own parts. I couldn't really be more proud of myself.
1998 Lincoln Mark VIII
352WHP 4.6 DOHC w/Novi 1000
-20* Washer Fluid with a DIY Injection kit, M10 nozzle and 2.6psi Hobbs switch to activate.

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