greetings from Quebec

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greetings from Quebec

Post by Dan350 » Sat Dec 06, 2014 10:32 pm

Friends, until recently I was employed by Bell Helicopter. I was recently part of a substantial permanent layoff and am now looking to start up a small local distribution company. I love driving on the open roads. The smart thing to do when starting up a small business like mine is to start with fairly new and reliable equipment (which normally consists of purchasing a newer model HD diesel 1 ton dually from one of the big three US manufacturers and a recent twin axle dually flat bed trailer). Of course I can never do things the easy and smart way. So I decided to fix up my 1977 GMC crew cab last summer for this purpose! It is mechanically sound with a brand new TCI R/V th400 with a Hughes towing convertor and new 1 ton rear leaf springs. The engine is a 4 bolt 350 chevy with a comp cams DE 255h cam, edelbrock performer rpm intake, a holley 600cfm 4 barrel with vacuum secondaries, 1 5/8 headers with dual exhausts, stock 882 heads, new timing chain with new 80 amp alternator, new P/S pump, new water pump and fuel pump, new HEI ignition from summit, new 8 inch crank damper ect. I changed everything that I thought could give me problems and so far it runs very well. It consumes about 20L of gas per 100km unloaded with no trailer and about 30L / 100km with my gooseneck trailer hooked up (weighs 5000lb dry and I haul 5-7000lb of stuff on it). This is on flat highways. Power is OK with this cam and 3.73:1 gear but of course more would be better. Compared to a buddy of mine who has a late model Duramax, he consumes 21L /100km of diesel hauling a lot more weight than me, plus he has double the torque my engine produces. He also has 1000$ / month of payments and a heavy truck licence to pay which is crazy expensive. Anyways, as I write this gas prices are lower at 1.19$ Canadian / Liter and propane is about half of that. I really have been wanting to convert this truck to propane only for a few years now to cut down on operating costs and pollution. I searched the net for a place where I could get advice from a few smart guys, that is why I am here. I am looking forward to sharing information with all of you. Thank you

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Re: greetings from Quebec

Post by geraldm » Mon Dec 08, 2014 10:15 am

Welcome , Dan is it . very good info here , I would suggest you do a bit of reading check a few threads out and then head to the propane section and post there . someone will help you for sure just be a little patient . good luck .
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Re: greetings from Quebec

Post by bumpstart » Wed Dec 10, 2014 7:03 pm

welcome ! users on here will often give you information specific for their region, and you will have to weed out what is suitable for you
NZ and australia have some of the stricter LPG regulations and laws and they may have to go the extra mile in some areas to be compliant that you may not have to
luckily for you some of the biggest contributors here are canadian based

from this forum i am gathering it is best for canadians who wish to travel over the border to ensure that the first time out,, the gas system is built with the US spec no vent filler systems so can also be filled up in the US

beyond that i expect canada and the US laws agree mostly
and you should have no issues except needing to swap back to a full propane blend when travelling back into the cold weather
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