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So happy to be here

Posted: Wed Feb 09, 2011 12:21 pm
by LPGTE21
Hello everyone. My name is Tony and I live in Bellingham, WA. which is closer to BC. Canada than Seattle. In mid 2006 when gas prices rose above $4.00/gal. I parked my car and pulled the engine. I have been using my bike as my main source of transportation ever since. My goal is to rebuild the parked, disassembled 1973 Toyota Corolla to operate on propane and turbo charged. I have accumulated a lot of the parts I require to reach my goal. I plan to build the vehicle to meet and most likely exceed all of the NPFA 58 standards and then have a licensed conversion person certify it. I have VFF30 fuel cut off, I have a Century Model M6 and an Impco Model L converter. As for a carburetors I have an Impco Model 100 and a Model 125 both of which I feel may be insufficient for my desired results. I am not trying to build a race car. I want a environmentally clean, economic vehicle that will perform as well as the newer vehicles being produced. I am currently in the engine rebuilding stage. I have Weisco 88mm forged turbo pistons going in the block and I am running the stock cam and porting the head for improved breathing. I plan to also run an intercooler. Are there any propane specific mods recommended for this 1982 3TC 1.8ltr turbo build?

Re: So happy to be here

Posted: Thu Feb 10, 2011 7:23 pm
by bumpstart
welcome,, interesting project !

myself suspect that that engine could well make past 200 rwhp given the right turbo package and so suspect the 125 may be too small
i would err maybe to a 200 FB mixer and closed loop controller
the 200 is fairly compact compared to the dome like 225 ,, and certainly is a better design for internal strength against backfires
and while appears oversize,, its common to see the 200 and 225 on many 2L van conversions in AUS
and if you add turbo,, the sums get better

my big tip however is to make sure the ignition is as good as you can make it ,, this will prevent the dreaded issue with backfires and throttle hesitations

not sure if you have a wastespark or coil on plug setup ,, or if that is an option from other 3S motors or its brothers
if it is a practical option,, look closely at them

if you have a single coil and igniter through a dizzy then it would pay to get the best coil with lowest rise time and best output
( look for a low primary resistance coil and then work out a decent igniter for it,, aiming for a strong HEI ignition system )
bosch BIM 024 and HEC coil combo is actually a great spark for LPG ,
i use hybrid systems with these in preference to the mazda rotary one my car/s came with

model E will give you all you need as supply and more,, L may find a limit at sustained power ( the E has more surface area to the coolant )

Re: So happy to be here

Posted: Thu Apr 27, 2017 4:50 pm
by LPGTE21
Okay... I've finally started my project this year. It's only been 6-years. I have made some progress. The engine has been machined and is completely assembled. The engine has been bored to 87mm vs. 88 upon recommendations from those that know more than I do. Stock is 85mm. It is now close to 2 liters of displacement from the 1.8 liters. The pistons are Weisco forged turbo versions. This drops the compression ratio waaay down to 7.5 but with the turbo, I can throw boost at it up to 10lbs. (limited by the propane carb). The complete rotating assembly has been balanced. I have a mild Schneider cam installed. Cometic head gasket installed. I have used ARP head studs, ARP main studs, ARP rod bolts, ARP flywheel bolts and ARP clutch pressure plate bolts. bla, bla, bla. The turbo is a T3-60 trim. I used a turbo manifold off of a Nissan SR20, flipped it upside down, welded a Toyota 3TC exhaust flange to it and voila!!! The port spacing is identical. I will post images as soon as I figure out how.ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage ... 034596556/[/img]ImageImageImageImageImage