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Hi Folks

Post by larry » Sun Jul 18, 2010 4:12 am

Have just joined up. I live in Urenui, New Zealand. I'm a mechanic in the oil & gas industry. I enjoy fishing, growing stuff in my garden,and messing around with old trucks and engines. LPG has become a bit of a passion with me.I decided to convert my c10 pickup myself. Having no prior experience with lpg, I began by reading as much as I could about it. I had no internet then so it was all books. Ialso picked up a second hand model L convertor and a new ca425. I put all this stuff on the engine, all the time wondering how the hell am I going to tune this thing? I had no initial settings for anything. Imagine my surprise when I cranked it over and it fired up and idled better than it had ever done on petrol. Awesome! The truck has never missed a beat exept when the vacuum line to the ec1 fell off. I'm now looking around for some more convertors, gas carbs,etc so I can convert my other trucks ( dodge wc 51 and 1946 chev 3/4 t )

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Re: Hi Folks

Post by Frank » Sun Jul 18, 2010 10:52 am

Hi Larry, welcome to the forum!

The EC1 must have been popular in NZ as Steptoe also has it on his Camaro.

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