Newbie from South Texas

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Shamrock Kid
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Newbie from South Texas

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Hey guys as the subject states I'm a newbie and green to alternative fuels. I just bought a 2002 F150 7700 with a GFI system on it. I'm a diesel technician with a number of years under the belt. But as far as alternative fuel my only expience is forklifts, floor sweepers and scrubbers. Hoping to find information here to help with this truck. It has an intermittent starting issue. :cry:

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Re: Newbie from South Texas

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Hello South Texas,
I just noticed your post. This area allows you to introduce yourself which you have done, however most of the members just jump to the technical area listed as Propane Forum. If you still have questions about the GFI system you would get a faster and more detailed response posting there. GFI is an older system today and it is difficult and expensive to buy parts. It's basically a throttle body injection system with multiple injectors with varying orifice sizes. The various injectors open at different times controlled by the ecu. An example would be injectors 1 open for idle but the minute you accelerate injectors 3 and five might be added depending on how hard you accelerate. Accelerate faster and injector 7 might be added into the mix. Once cruising you might only require injectors 1,2 & 3 to maintain the correct mixtures. The main issue GFI had was the heavy ends in the propane that would cause the injectors to stick, especially when the weather is cooler. Probably not a major concern in Texas. Anyways, if you have some specific questions post them in the propane forum section.

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