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Got an opinion about fuels, energy, or emissions that you'd like to share or to start a debate?
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Read this before posting!

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This section is for sharing opinions or starting debates about fuels, energy, or emissions. The topics don't necessarily have to be automotive-related but it wouldn't hurt either.

Before making your post, please do a bit of research on the topic to make sure that you are using accurate information. Everyone has an opinion so don't be offended if it's different than yours. Discussions are not very interesting if everyone shares the exact same point of view.

I will sometimes start a new thread based on something I've read or heard. As this will be only for starting a discussion, I may state a point of view that could be controversial. Please feel free to disagree with me or anyone else but explain your position in the process. I highly recommend that you include links to other sites that support your position.

Please keep the discussions polite and respectful, no matter how passionate you may feel. Rudeness will not be tolerated, nor will responses without explanations.

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