What’s New In Hydrogen Technology?

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What’s New In Hydrogen Technology?

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As of this writing, ITM Power is developing a home hydrogen fueling station that is supposed to be affordable, Revolve is retrofitting ICE vehicles to run on H2, the H2 Mobility plan for Germany is kicking into full gear and hydrogen powered forklifts are starting to become mainstreamed. I wonder what the next 5 years will hold?

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Re: What’s New In Hydrogen Technology?

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Hydrogenics has been building H2 lift trucks and H2 generators for several years now. Even before the recession, my understanding is that they were heavily dependent on government incentives. Often, new technologies need a boost to get started but at some point they need to be able make economic sense on their own merits without any subsidies, and I believe this depends on both having a critical mass of H2-powered vehicles and having a refueling infrastructure in place to keep them running.

CNG home refuelling stations (like MyPhill) and CNG vehicle conversions are already established technologies and even they have a long way to go before they become mainstream. Plug-in electric vehicles have a headstart on H2-powered vehicles too.

Do you have any guesses as to what kind of H2 advances we can expect to see in the next 5 years?

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