2 stroke diesels use valves at all?

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2 stroke diesels use valves at all?

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Hi, I am Jono visiting from the LPG Propane forum.

An apprentice has been marked down at school for saying diesel two strokes use valves or a valve

He is thinking back to his days in India where some water pumps were diesel two strokes and had an intake valve
instead of a port. Is he confused or is there a chance that in a country we are generally not too well versed on with their developments or different way of thinking.

Any help in proving to his school teachers that he is indeed correct

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Re: 2 stroke diesels use valves at all?

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Detroit Diesels used intake ports in the block and poppet valves in the head for exhaust.


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Re: 2 stroke diesels use valves at all?

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the 4-51 detriot diesels didn't have any valves, they were piston port inlet and exhaust....the US navy used them in some small craft like tenders etc....they were replaced by the 53 series of diesels that were much more powerful for the same size
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