Diesel from waste motor oil

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Diesel from waste motor oil

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I have been learning about the biodiesel, and found this video on youtube

What do you think of it, is it really possible? Is it worth investment? I can gather locally plenty of WMO from car mechanics, so this might be excellent thing, if it's real.

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Re: Diesel from waste motor oil

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There are a few people already distilling WMO into diesel fuel and it can make sense if you have a large supply of free WMO. I would be hesitant about buying the processing equipment from the guys in the video as they look like backyard fabricators. I think more people are filtering WMO and blending it in with their diesel fuel as a supplement. If you source WMO from local mechanics, it would be very important to make sure that they aren't also dumping waste brake fluid, coolant, etc into their WMO tanks.

It does appear that you could heat WMO and use the condensed vapors as diesel fuel. The danger with this process is that the high temperature vapors are highly flammable. I'm not sure how much of a problem waste disposal is out your way but there will left-over waste sludge to deal with. Filtration is an important part of the process and the equipment in the video doesn't show any filters or centrifuges. My concerns with using this fuel are its cetane rating, impurity carry-over, and the effect of the additives (of lack thereof) on the the engine but those using it don't seem to have any problems.

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Re: Diesel from waste motor oil

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Yep on purity etc big factor
The danger with this process is that the high temperature vapors are highly flammable.
Take that as un understatement....a better description I think would be highly volitile and explosive
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Re: Diesel from waste motor oil

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Hi, I know this is an old thread and not even sure if the person who started this thread is still active or not. But, I wanted to ask if you succeeded in making your own fuel from WMO and if you did, then how did it turn out? I saw the video too, though I thought it looked too easy to be true... So, I was doing a little more research about it. and there are others who are saying that you can make your own diesel from WMO and WVO. Now, I know this discussion is about WMO, but I have access to WVO and I wanted to know if I can utilize it for my bio fuel in a similar manner. I found site that is discussing about the method of making fuel from WVO, but I can't be sure about the details from here. They have this infographics that looks somewhat similar to the video posted in this thread. So, is the method similar for WMO and WVO? Will be thankful for any replies :)

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