A few of mine.

Let's hear all the gory details about your car and how it became alternative fuelled.
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A few of mine.

Post by fu250 » Sun Nov 11, 2007 10:49 pm

I'm new to this board but certainly not to propane. I'm in B.C. Canada and have been playing with propane for 20 yrs. My dad had a fleet of about 10 old dodges all running propane in the early-mid 80's and considering I've been raised on big V8 trucks, almost all mine are lpg.

Right now, my daily driver is an 89 Chev one ton dually 4x4. I've got an impco "E" feeding a 300A with no other mods to the motor than pulling the injectors. It's actually the first fuel injection conversion I've ever done and it was no problem at all. I was really surprised. I usually stick with carbed motor, just set in my ways I guess, but This was easier than I expected. I know there are ways to better the performance, but I really don't care about this one. I'm building a dump box on it and when it's done it's going up for sale. Everything runs well, so I'm just gonna leave it.

My wife has an 80 bronco that her grandfather bought new. We had put in a 460 a couple years ago also on propane. It would pass anything till about 100kph. IT was getting really bad mileage as well about 2km per L We had a couple oil issues and decided to pull it. It now has a 351ho going into it. I'm still looking for a zf5 to go with it, but not easy to come by without paying through the nose for one.

I have a project truck being built right now that is called fu250, thus my screen name. It stands for ford up, or at least that's what I tell the cops when they ask. I had a little isue with them awhile ago when I swapped a bunch of parts around a couple years ago and had f350 fender label's on a f150 cab. Long story, but this one is all # matching f250. We haven't gotten to the engine part yet, but the tanks are in already.

I just got a 81 f700 that I got for the front clip for my fu250. I was getting it from a neighbor and his wife told him I could buy the front clip if I took the whole thing. So now I'm putting together a big deck truck, also on propane. It has a 366, I think, and soon will have a 22 ft tilt'n'load deck on her

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