turbocharged propane guzzling dodge W200

Let's hear all the gory details about your car and how it became alternative fuelled.
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turbocharged propane guzzling dodge W200

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With all the stuff I did to the truck lately let’s see if I can put some spec’s down

Dodge W200 4x4 build 1976
Weight ± 4850 lbs

318 build 1986
Stock roller bump stick
Rebuild with a 0.02 overbore
Stock 76 heads, pushrod holes enlarged to make the roller cam work.
273 2bbl single plain intake.

Intake adapter from 2 to 4 bbl
Holley 600 square bore throttle body
Impco 425 propane mixer bolted to the throttle body
Nolffs vaporizer boost referenced
Big impco buffer/filter and lock of with buffer.

Intercooler 2.5” in and outlet effective surface 10.4” – 32” 1.6”thick

Log headers feeding an internal wastegated turbo of a ± 7 liter diesel truck. Turbo has a massive compressor side compared to the turbine side. starts spooling around 1900 rpm.

Stock rebuild 76 dizzy, FBO ignition coil and ECU.
Initial at 5* advance, full mechanical advance by 2600 with 25* total. Vacuum advance hooked to manifold vacuum, adds another 14* making 39* total when cruising.

Transmission 727 with a heavy cast steel NP 203 transfer case. The 727 is lubed by case hytran ultra. Stock rebuild torque converter.

Currently 4-5 lbs of boost 14/1 air fuel ratio. When I decide what to do with the ignition and timing I’ll turn it up to 10 lbs. Also wish I went with a different stall converter, this one stalls to low.

35 inch tire 4.10 gears.
Dana 60 rear 44 front ( when time comes the rebuild 60 front will go in)
3 inch body, lift 4 inch RCC hanger lift, 3-4 inch leaf lift. 56“ long leafs rear, 52“ long leafs front

Some interior and exterior modifications.





Pics appear not to be working :evil: :?:
Dodge W200 Powerwagon 76 318, 727, 203

Turbocharged 318 on propane

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the links arent put on propperly you might need to put them on here using photobucket .

nice truck man , did you ever met arjan before he's driving a simulair truck in the netherlands
having the mother of all propane powered engines build BBC 540 with twin turbos water to ait intercooler and prins based EFI setup

gues what i need info for the EFI system

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Nice truck!

Ramcharger Central might have a policy against hot linking because it uses their bandwidthto display the photos on a different site.

Other than posting the URLs , the other alternative is to use a different photo-hosting site.

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