Jeep Comanche on propane.

Let's hear all the gory details about your car and how it became alternative fuelled.
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Jeep Comanche on propane.

Post by DirtyMJ » Sat Aug 25, 2007 11:09 pm


I signed up here a while back but don't think I ever made a post. I hadn't decided to convert my pile of a 4.0L at that point.

So, I'll make this an introduction.

I picked up a Jeep Comanche some time back. Alright, I'll admit it was my first car. Or truck. Got a smoking deal on it, or at least that's what I told myself. And proceeded to beat the ever loving tar out of it as a DD and I 4wheeled it since I was a stupid kid. Eventually I realized that a rusty mini-truck with more body damage than the cars in the demo-derby wasn't exactly a chick-magnet. Not to mention that it didn't wheel as well as I'd like. So, I took it apart. Then eventually put it back together with some 35s on it and some pretty sweet body work and paint (bedliner hides rust really well). The chicks loved it. Then I proceeded to blow up lots of parts on it. And realized that 4x4ing was really quite fun once you had a capable vehicle.

Now it's dove-nosed, exo-caged, riding on some 37s... And I bought a tow-rig to pull it since the police hate me.

At some point I decided I hated my wiring and fuel injection and looked into converting it to propane. I couldn't find a lot of hard answers on doing it to a Jeep 4.0L. I think I'm the first idiot to do it not using the gotpropane kit. Some of the 258 guys had done it though. But I wasn't sure if I could even bolt up an aftermarket 4bbl 258 intake to a 4.0L. So, doing what I do, I bought one for about $300 all said and done. Then I had to modify it to fit. Then I threw an impco 425 on it (almost free) a model E converter (almost free), a VFF30 (free), and a tank for $40 that had at least that much worth of propane in it.

And it actually worked.

It's not tuned right yet. I think the 425 is hosed, actually. Doesn't want to lean out as much on idle as it should. I have another one to try. And I don't have the full power tuned right. It's going to get tuned by a fancy gas analyser in a couple weeks. I'm just going to try to get it running alrightish for now because I feel the need to go flog the crap out of this thing.

Oh, I'll get you some pics tomorrow...

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