fj45 2f/253ci impco 425 eaton m90

Let's hear all the gory details about your car and how it became alternative fuelled.
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fj45 2f/253ci impco 425 eaton m90

Post by blown2f » Thu May 09, 2013 9:31 am

hi all I have 1975 fj 45 landcruiser running a eaton m90 6psi boost duel fuel now used to have it dedicated lpg but carting 2+ tonne of fire wood with tandem trailer was touch and go making it to town so I added a holley 600dp I modified with with quickfuel metering blocks nitrophyl floats and intercooler but since adding the cooler I have a rich mixture when I take the boost point from the blower hat or a lean mixture when under full load up using the impco 425 balance point at the moment I have tried ever think that's run thru my mind so any thoughts are welome

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Re: fj45 2f/253ci impco 425 eaton m90

Post by C3H8 » Sun Jun 02, 2013 11:23 am

I just noticed your post in this section with ho replies. The reason for this is that the area most frequented by users is the propane forum. This area "your Car" is typically used to introduce yourself and show some pictures of your car. The propane forum a couple of lines down on the index page would likely get you responses within 24 hours. You may have figured out your problem already, however if you haven't I would suggest you repost it in the Propane Forum section. There are quite a few users experiences with turbo's and blowers that might be able to help.

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