This is it...

Let's hear all the gory details about your car and how it became alternative fuelled.
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This is it...

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My car is an "ICV" Individually Constructed's a Cobra 'Kit' car It wasn't much of a kit though. Just a chassis and a body...I built the rest. In NSW Australia the Roads and Traffic Authority...RTA is pretty strict and when I started the build the pollution laws were about to change so I was forced to use LPG in order to meet the Australian Design Rules at that time. So I have fitted a OHG XG450 mixer onto a 850 holley square bore base attached to a MM X-1 converter. This was on a standard 351 Cleveland V8....Now I have a 393 Stroker Aluminium DART block with a hi-rise manifold port matched to a pair of CHI heads...rough tuned and dynoed at about 525 HP. I doubt that my OHG set - up will suffice. I'm looking at a Technocarb set - up but need lots of advice.......any suggestions ?
I'd post a pic but I'm stuffed if I can do it on this site.

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Re: This is it...

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Hi Rob and welcome to the forum. You can include a photo with your posting by clicking on the "Upload Attachment" tab at the bottom of the "Post a Reply" page. You click on "Browse" to locate the photo on your computer and then click on "Add the File" to upload the photo to your attachment.

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