86 f150 4x4

Let's hear all the gory details about your car and how it became alternative fuelled.
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86 f150 4x4

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My propane fueled daily driver, 466" ford, 12:1 compression with trw dome pistons, lightly ported 370 dumptruck heads, 1.75" headers, single plane 1st gen 460 torker aluminum intake manifold, custom ground hydraulic flat tappet cam with perkins 6-354 valvesprings, model E converter with 3" water column spring,impco 225 mixer with lean fuel valve and .004" shim,diesel t19 trans with 4.02:1 first gear, 9" rearend 35 spline shafts, detroit locker, 3.00 gears for local driving, 2.47 for long distance highway, averages 17 mpg on propane

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Re: 86 f150 4x4

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Thought I would see if you posted your specs for your truck, this is pretty custom and no wonder you're getting good power and economy!

The 370 heads are interesting, I've never seen them put on a 460 block. Do they have lower volume than the 460 heads, did you have them decked down, or is all the compression coming from the domed pistons? Might be something I want to look at.

Also a bit surprised you get enough flow out of that 225 to feed a 460. But if you're making 17mpg I suppose you aren't putting a ton of fuel through it! Everything I own regardless of size has a 425 on it, purely because there's a junkyard full of them nearby.

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