Propane fuel incentive in BC

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Propane fuel incentive in BC

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Poking around the website, I noticed under the "Clean Fuels" heading that propane has a 2.7 cent per litre rebate available for "motor fuel, and stationary engines" I for one, will benefit greatly from this, as I use propane in the testing of turbine engines, post-overhaul, and subsequently use A LOT of propane over the course of a year's worth of testing. Not sure if there is any retroactivity applied to this rebate, but my accountant is certainly going to find out! If any of you live in BC, you may want to check this out.

turbine guy

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Re: Propane fuel incentive in BC

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I wish that they had something like this in Alberta/Saskatchewan....

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Re: Propane fuel incentive in BC

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Hi cousin....I looked up the BC website you mentioned and I think I found the legislation you were referring to. It reads: Motor fuel preferential tax rate (2.7 cents/lt) for propane purchased for use in operating a motor vehicle or stationary engine". If this is what you were referring to, it means that propane is only taxed at 2.7 cents/lt, rather than about 15 cents/lt, as is the case with gasoline and diesel fuel. It does not mean this is a rebate. If you found something else, indicating this tax could be refunded, please let me know or post it in this column.
For everyone in BC's interest, propane conversions are still PST exempt. And for anyone wanting to purchase a propane powered bus such as school boards, municipalities, etc. there is a $10,000 PST refund. FYI, Bluebird now offer a liquid injection, propane powered bus with the 8.1L GM engine.

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