Saskatchewan Propane Car Rules.

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Saskatchewan Propane Car Rules.

Post by The_Stuff » Wed Mar 14, 2007 11:36 am

well what I know about anyhow.

far as I know, every 5 years the propane system has to be inspected. they do a spray and light test to see if any propane is leaking out.

Second is that the car must shut off the emergency shut off valve and run out of fuel (lol my van didn't).

Also I think they take into consideration the visual conditions of the tank.

You must have a valid safety sticker on the car to be re-fueled.

I think this is more service station rules then law, but They have to fill it for you, even if you do have your ticket for filling propane.

You cannot go into a parkade, underground parking, tunnels, etc. I don't know the fine, as I do not want to find out....

Far as I know the 5 year inspection is only on the propane system.

If I find out anything else I will post it.

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