Too Much Time on Your Hands?

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Too Much Time on Your Hands?

Post by Frank »

Google has magazines available for on-line viewing:

Popular Mechanics

Popular Science

So much for getting anything done today.

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Re: Too Much Time on Your Hands?

Post by Steptoe »

Popular mechanics we grew up with, havnt seen one for decades...
Built alsorts of stuff, valve sterios..even a small printive lazer for a high school project.
They are abit different now

"Too Much Time on Your Hands?"
I wish..God screwed up with only 7 days in a week and 24 hrs in a day...I think he put me on the wrong planet lol
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Re: Too Much Time on Your Hands?

Post by Mattelderca »

Not just those but lots of other books as well! Jay storer's book has no preview yet :( but other propane conversion books are there! Thanks for the link, the 60's and 70's PS PM's are fantastic and will provide far too much time wasting reading! :lol:

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