Supertramp - Crime of the Century

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Supertramp - Crime of the Century

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I went to see the the "Supertramp - Crime of the Century" production of Classic Albums Live at the Zooz amphitheatre in Stevensville last night. It was a great show and they really do play a great album note for note, cut for cut. They even played a few songs from Supertramp's Breakfast in America album as an encore.

The show was even better for us because my wife got free tickets through her employer. I was amazed at how many people came to see the show. Normally, bad traffic in Stevensville is getting a red light at the village's sole traffic light but last night there were cars bumper to bumper, as far as the eye could see, lined up to park in the adjacent fields.

If you have a chance to see a Classic Albums Live show, go! They're not a tribute band but rather a group of great musicians who play albums like the original band would have played them.

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