DualCurve parts

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DualCurve parts

Post by franz » Thu Mar 27, 2008 10:21 pm

I was contacted by the sales manager of DualCurve (Autotronics Controls) and was advised that yes, they are closing their alt fuel product line. I inquired about some parts and most of them are no longer available and those that are may well be the last of them, no warranty or returns.

I do have for a short time, the #5952 Digital Fuel Controller, suitable for Impco, OHG, Nolff, and Woodward airvalve type fuel systems, which comes with the #4048 three port vacuum solenoid, for $160.00 USD. When these are gone, I MIGHT be able to locate a few more but its doubtful.

I have sourced another manufacturer with an almost identical product for the same price, and of course, there's the Impco Fuel Commander which is an almost clone to the 5952 with the exception of wire color and vacuum solenoid change. I do not have the Commander but they are obtainable, price depending on source, it varies.

If interested, I have 10 on hand, and at this time, I will offer a 10% discount if all 10 are purchased. If more are desired, I MIGHT be able to source a better price. I only do PayPal.

Mail me at the PM option at the lower left, or by regular e-mail, at:
franzh at texas.net (replace the word "at" with the appropriate symbol)


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