New parts for sale enquiry

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New parts for sale enquiry

Post by franz »

I have an opportunity to market some NEW LPG and Natural Gas carburetion components. These items are new, made in the US, and are familiar to almost anyone working on Alt Fuel vehicles.

There are even some turbocharger specific components, like an LPG vaporizer with enhanced internal components to withstand severe pressure and vibration. Be advised that it is NOT cheap, but it is of top quality.

Engine sizes range from 1.5 L up to 8.0 L, horsepower up to 400 in unmodified form, higher with some specialized components.

If anyone is really SERIOUS about sourcing parts, or has a specific need, let me know. At this point, I am considering setting up a wholesale account but they will allow this only if sufficient quantities justify it.

These components are NOT vehicle specific, the installer will need to do their own due diligence to ensure suitable fit and function.


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Post by mopwer »

I would be interested in some components for my 360 v8 depending on price. The last quote I got was $1000 for two converters and a modified IMPCO 425 for turbo. What can you get?


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