Central Texas flood survivors

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Central Texas flood survivors

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A few parts are usable, here is a brief listing. MUCH more to come.

I have two vaporizer temperature controller kits, originally manufactured by MSD-Autotronics. It contains a thermal sensor, vacuum solenoid, and a vacuum operated water valve which plumbs into the vaporizer return hose. One kit is new and unused, the other is my validated test unit that has about 6 months of running time but still fully functional. I'll take $75.00 USD for the new one and $50 for the used one, plus applicable shipping.

I also have a couple of NEW Woodward Controls Impco clone vaporizers, the "E" series and the 420, which is a copy of the OHG X-1. These are $175.00 each plus shipping. I have more of these still in unopened boxes that were not water saturated.

I also have a couple of Woodward forklift "55" mixer body center sections, you use your own base and top part, for $50.00 plus shipping, and a couple of "100" and "125"mixers, without the throttles, for $75.00 each.

All the electronics were ruined with the exception of one new Autotronics 5924 control unit for GM 1996-2002 OBD-II. I also have two Technocarb readout tools, one large one and one smaller unit. The smaller unit has an LED burned out but still functional. I'll take $75.00 each or $125.00 for both, plus shipping.

I can send photos on request, PM me with your email address.

More parts to come but ask if you are interested in anything.

This will be cross posted in the parts for sale section, plus I think they might also be placed on the Forum website, pending in progress.


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