Forumfix for the broken Photobucket images.

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Forumfix for the broken Photobucket images.

Post by BigBlockMopar »

I've found a script that can fix all the broken Photobucket images on the entire forum.
What the script does, is going over all the topics, and everywhere where there's an image hosted at Photobucket (which are mostly now all broken), it will still download it and store it locally on the forum's server.
It then redirects the topic's original image-links to the local versions so that the images show up again.

The script's actions only need to run once to copy over and fix all the images. Tried it on my own Mopar-forum and it worked flawless.

It's 2-part (3 step) action.
- First part is here, which first creates a new database entry with the image-links and then secondly loads the images (which can take a while or multiple times if on slow hosting);

- Second part is the forum's extension, which takes care of the actual showing of the images in topics;
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Re: Forumfix for the broken Photobucket images.

Post by Frank »

I'll be a bit busy in the next few days but I'm going to give this a try. Thanks!

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