Forum/site crash - 1 month loss of data?

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Re: Forum/site crash - 1 month loss of data?

Post by Frank »

Who gets blocked is determined by seeing questionable activity from particular ip addresses. Rather than having to react to repeated activity, it is much easier and less time-consuming to block an entire ip address range. Since I get a lot of legitimate traffic from Australia, New Zealand, and the Netherlands, I have asked that these ip addresses remain reasonably unblocked. I'll send an group email to ask if any members are having trouble with access.

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Re: Forum/site crash - 1 month loss of data?

Post by Steptoe »

Ask for a copy of your .htacess file
go to this site ... .0.141.255

in there u can create country block CIDR ranges
I have a .htacess file used on my servers built up over some 10 yrs blocking countries and CIDR ranges of organisations and some small providers I can send to u if u like
UK NZ canada Aussie .. there is no need to block any of these ips
Again from the web site.. not page above u can Allow these.
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Re: Forum/site crash - 1 month loss of data?

Post by BigBlockMopar »

If the webhoster already blocks entire country IPranges through their firewall, it's of no use to try to unblock anything with a local htaccess file.
It's better to (temp) block entire subnets like 0/24 for instance if hackers use multiple consecutive ip's in a range.
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