Calculatin theorical fuel consumption

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Calculatin theorical fuel consumption

Post by Delifisek » Tue Jul 23, 2013 2:34 pm


Recently I was constant arguments against HHO scammer's in our local forum. However telling termodynamic effiency does not sense for most people.

So I just put up how much air and fuel needs for a 1.600 cc engine at 3000 rpm.

After some googling I found air consumption of the engine was

Displacement (in litre) /2 * rpm.

Then I go for if the car needs this much air also needs this much fuel.

air : fuel
15.5 : 1

So I found more then twice amount of fuel consumption for my theorical engine...

What I missing ?

Hello. I'm from Turkey. We are using metrics system (km and litre)
Also English not my native language. Thank you for understanding.

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