what 2 bbl throttle body fits this adaptor??

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what 2 bbl throttle body fits this adaptor??

Post by jono » Thu Apr 26, 2018 3:12 am

Here is a link to a century fuel products carb adaptor that I think was to suit Mitsubishi


I have no idea what model to chase up for the 2 barrel throttle bodies

I really need dual or at least mechanical secondary linkage that can be rigged

If anyone has any hints they would be appreciated

The centres of the mounting holes are in metric coz it is Japanese throttle body :)

82 x ~45 mm

I popped in to see a carb specialist of at least 30 years experience - he had a really good think and came up with nothing that would work.

I cant use Impco throttle bodies on this small a project - leak too much past their throttle plates !!

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