Radiator Suggestions for European Ford PINTO 2.000 cc

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Radiator Suggestions for European Ford PINTO 2.000 cc

Post by Delifisek » Wed Feb 03, 2016 6:10 am

Due to cooling issues my 2.8 v6 was has serious gasket and head issues. This engine has siamesed exhaust ports, already has head issues with gasoline usage and using with lpg make disaster. (2 sets of head crack, more than 10 gasket change in last 15k km)

And I'm going to change my engine to 2.0 I4 Pinto (rebuilding already done). I believe next week we are going to start engine.

However I'm lack of radiator (old one was almost gone). To compensate power differences between egines I'm planning to add an eaton supercharger in future.

So is any one can give me an advice, idea, for new radiator which can handle lpg plus lowboost supercharger's extra heat.

Last week I found a 90 ish Ford Transit 2.4 diesel radiator was compatible and much larger I thought it was better than orginal cortina/taunus/granada radiator and I don't know how to make sure it.

I just wanted to make sure radiator isn't a issue anymore.

Please advise.

My best regards.
Hello. I'm from Turkey. We are using metrics system (km and litre)
Also English not my native language. Thank you for understanding.

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