Very rich idle

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Very rich idle

Post by BlackBear » Thu May 24, 2012 4:15 pm

I have a Gotpropane kit on a 22r with a 22re intake manifold. Mixer is a impco generic 200 with a generic Impco model e regulator. Last weekend I had a intake side backfire, and I purchased a new mixer from helmar. After it was installed, my wide band o2 indicates a very rich condition at idle. It idles very rough. The only way I can get it to Idle reasonably is to turn the WOT mixture to full lean, and set the idle mixture to full lean. It will idle ok, but chokes out at WOT. I have rebuilt the regulator, and the lever looks like it is where it should be according to the spec (1/32 below the top of the housing) Although I need to get an actual measurement. Does the lever need to be bent to help lean out the mixture, if so which direction I would think down? Is there something else that I need to take a look at?

Thanks for any assistance...

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