87 Jimmy vt1500 suguestions

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87 Jimmy vt1500 suguestions

Post by ClaytonHowell » Wed Apr 27, 2011 9:25 am

I have a 87 jimmy sierra classic 350 with TBI injection. I was wondering instead of buying a mixer if I could just buy a throttle body spacer and run a jet into each barrel. The thought is to make it dual fuel for cheap. Spacers run 100 bucks. JB-2 REGULATOR; IMPCO PROPANE MODEL E REGULATOR, VFF30, and jet it into the throttle body spacer.

The engine has a distributer cap so as long as the engine is turning I have spark. I can shut off the gas by disconnecting the computers positive wire (that makes everything shut off from the injectors to the fuel pump) it is old enough i would say it is barely a computer anyway.

I like the idea of drilling into a throttle body spacer for a few reasons: they say they increase power/mpg on gas, they are cheap ($100), If i screw something up i can RTV the hole and try again or buy a new TB spacer not a new intake, it puts the propane a little closer to the valves and a little farther away from the air filter(incase of backfire.)

Does anybody see any issue with this? It "looks" like it would work to me.

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