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Re: Propane conversion on Dragons' Breath Mazda 13b engine

Posted: Sat Aug 16, 2014 6:22 am
by jono
Hey, I like the sound of your water methanol injection system. Can you supply a link or some details where I might read and find it please?

I am sitting on a system involving a mains powered capuccino machine high pressure pump but only got 30 meters of mains cord :(

I still can't push self to install a converter to run the pump and still need chicken shed fogger jets etc to complete the project.
The system you hav selected looks sounds much the trick - using boost pressure - to charge it up ?

Re: Propane conversion on Dragons' Breath Mazda 13b engine

Posted: Sun Aug 17, 2014 12:50 am
by geraldm
Well not sure I have made the right choice myself . But have had lots of electrical failures and it was suggested by bumpstart to think about this method . If hooked up proper I don't see any problems . There is still a adjustable electrical pressure switch that activates the water solenoid .IMO the kit I bought was a little over priced but seems good quality . Bench testing At low pressures the mist is fair at best but when pressures of 7-8 pounds are reached it does a nice job . The higher the boost pressures the more water flows and to me that is the bonus with thus system .. Variable flow .. It is cheaper to Source parts seperate but when shipping is done I'm not so sure .I will find the link for you and post my internet is down Again and not sure how to use blackberry to find . What are you putting it on ?

Re: Propane conversion on Dragons' Breath Mazda 13b engine

Posted: Sun Aug 17, 2014 5:06 pm
by geraldm Or sales@wannaspeed,com Brent is the man you want to talk to .. He's been working on this system for a few years now , I think 09 was when he started to figure the system .. and I'm sure others Have the air - water nozzle that Brent uses but they wanted 106 bucks for shipping to Canada so I don't do business there .. plus you would need the following ,, Nozzle and block , water filter , 12 v on - off solenoid ,, adjustable boost pressure switch to control water flow (( pre adjusted I believe to 8 pounds )) t, tubing and lots of fittings , The nozzle box also has a thumb screw to adjust water flow to mister ,, An ordinary nozzle won't work under low pressures like this system has it needs to be the air water misting setup to work proper as I understand it . Brent has the whole setup including tank , (( I don.t discuss prices on line so the best thing is to talk to Brent or he has a small site where you can order from . if you are new to this idea I would suggest you talk to him as he may have a few pointers for you . The system is very simple and self explanatory. it does come with basic instructions .. Hope this helps you out ,, if I can help further please feel free to ask ..

Re: Propane conversion on Dragons' Breath Mazda 13b engine

Posted: Sun Aug 17, 2014 10:45 pm
by bumpstart
there is an aussie guy marketing ( if you wish to call it that ) a similar system . but i fear it is even more marked up

and there is certainly far more puff and hot air on his site .. i recommend the system gerald has gone with but you have the option of using the rice racing setup

( beware of hot air )

the dragon had to go there as he lacked the practical space of an inter-cooler
as his entire setup is based around analog simplicity
\ then this system compliments that , brings the drop in inlet temps he needs to recoup the pumping losses
and it adds margins to avoid detonation as he uses an NA engine with high compression rotors

i think water injection.. and methanol injection , is much underdeveloped in view of its potential, especially in conjunction with dry fuels like vapour propane / LPG
these fuels make best power in a relatively lean margin compared to boosted petrol engines
but suffer with a ceiling window of how much boost can be practically run as the fuel itself cannot be run excessively rich to provide boundary cooling effects like petrol / wet fuels do

water or alcohol injection brings boundary cooling and quenching that is usually denied with LPG
and the bonus latent charge cooling can have the effect of reversing some of the volumetric losses of vapour mixturre displacement of the inlet air that is often balmed for a small drop in power with vapour systems

and PS.. i put my moniker on pre turbo.. and MW30 blend methanol/ water mix as the ultimate mix
( unless you are at 30 000 ft )

Re: Propane conversion on Dragons' Breath Mazda 13b engine

Posted: Mon Sep 01, 2014 11:53 pm
by geraldm
Possibly should have posted this here instead of the propane forum . if anyone wants it gone please feel free .. The first bit was 3 years back when the Dragon really was simple Remember bumpstart that was still with engine #1 and now the much improved version with engine #2 ... dPafoT2Zng

The Dragon@ Swift Current August 2017

Posted: Thu Nov 02, 2017 4:58 pm
by geraldm