Drag Bike with a 13b Mazda Rotary conversion from gasoline

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Drag Bike with a 13b Mazda Rotary conversion from gasoline

Post by geraldm » Mon Nov 11, 2013 12:10 pm

It was suggested by a RX7 Mazda Forum friend of mine BUMPSTART who seems to be well know-en across the map , to come over and join this forum to learn about propane conversions. I'm new to this idea and know next to nothing about propane as an engine fuel so mostly just looking for info and suggestions , of course the old problem of propane on a motorcycle ( pressure vessels ) . Please feel free to add any info that any of you may think relates to the subject . I read and ponder over all replies so just because I might not use your info . I DO READ ALL . thank-you for letting me in .. Gerald m.
Now how the hell did that happen ?

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